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Why Website localization in India is Necessary?

Why Website localization in India is Necessary?

India is known to be a land of diversities and we have all been witnessing these diversities at every instance of our life here. In a country which is so, versatile websites can never be of international standards as they don't appeal to the consumers here. A personal touch to the websites is very essential as it deals with cultural sensibilities of our country there by developing the e-commerce. 

When it comes to the world's largest democracy India beats every other country on the globe. It has 22 renowned languages with more than 100 verbal dialects. Even though English is broadly spoken and unstated in the business world of India, purchaser demand is quickly raising among Indian population sections that favor the use of Hindi for various purchasing websites.

Key India Market Statistics

India's Gross Domestic Product is $1.131 Billion with annual growth around 7.5% and internet population of 81 million. The amount of time a person spends online in India is directly proportional with the age of the user.

Insights into Indian Consumer Values

Family and Luxury Brands: Family bondage is very imperative to the Indian consumers. Resources are usually shared between family members. Brands such as Van Heusen, Tag Heuer, high-end chocolates, and perfumes too are gaining immense attention within India. Gone are the days when these items were sold and brought primarily from abroad. Today, you name the brand and India has it all. 


-India is a country that is highly impressionable by Bollywood, which endorses fashion in 
clothes and other activities.


The consumers here do not want to be tagged as cheap, but the price is an integral factor in decision-making. Hence instead of looking for the lowest price, people here look for the best value for money.

The Hindi Language

Over 18 crore, people speak Hindi as their first language and over 30 crore people speak it as their second language. This makes Hindi as the third most spoken language in the world.

Cultural Considerations for Indian Website Localization

 An ancient culture like India has a huge list of symbols and icons that carry integral cultural 
meaning. It is essential to be aware of them in order to prevent any cultural blunders and 
inadvertent use of offensive symbols. For example, Feet, are considered untidy, the head is 
considered as the temple of the soul, Pointing with a finger can be mistaken as an offensive 
move and must be duly avoided.

The Color Used in All Indian Websites 

Definite colors bear definite meaning and represent characteristics of Indian culture:

  • Yellow – Vendor
  • Pink - Femininity
  • White - Mourning, Unhappiness 
  • Red - Fertility, Purity

If these aspects are duly taken care of, successful website localization in India shouldn't seem to be a herculean task!

Generating Indian SEM and Indian SEO for Optimal Search Rankings 

At time of planning the Indian website localization, researching about the linguistic and 
cultural aspect of the targeted region and market place is important. When it comes to 
localization of keyword listing, it is quite a different process from standard translation. 

You must make sure that the website localization company that you are hiring has the needed knowledge and understanding and comprehends your wants in order to carry out these services. With understanding and experience of job’s goals, your website localization agency can offer you with fitting localized Hindi keywords that will make sure that your Indian website content is optimum for different Indian search engines and can create utmost search results.

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